Arinui is a school-wide appraisal tool that is based in New Zealand. It allows your teachers to critically reflect on their teaching practice in a safe, secure online place. Once compiled, evidence can be seamlessly shared with an appraiser.

The structured nature of Arinui saves teachers from worrying about how to put together their evidence, so they can focus on reflecting on their teaching and making a real difference to their students' learning.

Why have we developed this tool?

We strongly believe that good appraisal is based on a robust inquiry process led by the person being appraised evaluating their impact.  It should not be driven by compliance but instead is the result of continuous, collaborative evaluation and inquiry.  Appraisal should be something educators do, rather than something that is done to them.

  Evaluation Associates have run nation-wide workshops over the last few years for the Teachers Council (now Education Council of Aotearoa New Zealand). At these workshops, leaders and teachers have voiced their frustrations about current appraisal systems.  Too often they are more compliance focused than improvement focused.  In order to attempt to comply, teachers gather piles of evidence to try and meet the criteria, all while unsure if it is enough.  It often becomes an 'add-on' task that doesn't help improve students' learning. At times it becomes a game that has to be played which adds to the stress of the job and detracts from enjoyment in the profession. There had to be a better way. 

That better way is Arinui - supporting teachers to improve not just prove.


Improves teaching and learning

Arinui allows teachers to learn and make a difference to their students by encouraging teachers to actively engage and reflect on their practice.  

Designed to meet Education Council of Aotearoa New Zealand requirements

Arinui has been developed by experts in this field, so you can be assured that you'll meet all audit requirements.


We have a dedicated support team who can answer questions and offer professional development around appraisals.

Flexible and accessible

Being online, Arinui means that your staff can easily work on appraisals at their own pace, place and time.  Arinui can work in conjunction with your current appraisal system.

Systematic and consistent

All portfolios follow the same format, allowing for quicker and easier appraisals. The systematic approach saves everyone precious time. 

School-wide approach

Arinui is a school-wide system that provides a central place to keep track of your teachers' appraisals.  


Prompts to think about Tātaiako are woven throughout the tool.


You're in safe hands

Arinui provides you with the security that your appraisal information is stored in a safe and secure place. 

Track progress

Both teachers and appraisers will be able to track teacher progress and ensure teaching criteria are being met.